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MS in Special Education / Teaching – Sp. Ed.

With a master of science (MS) in special education, you’ll learn skills that allow you to work directly with students in this field or research ways to help students with learning disabilities get the best education possible.

MS in special education programs typically prepare you to teach in the special education field, but unlike most MEd programs, they don’t necessarily require that you already hold a valid teaching certification or have experience as a teacher of any kind. Some MS programs also prepare you to work in research, though academic or philosophical work is less important in MS degree programs than in MA degree programs.

Most students who go through an MS in special education program become teachers. You can expect to make up $40,000 to $50,000 as a starting salary if you become a special education teacher, which is $10,000 or more higher than the average starting salary for a general teacher. Some students in special education programs focus more on research, but if academia seems like a strong fit for you, you may want to instead consider an MA program, which more closely prepares you to earn a doctorate degree eventually. With an MS degree, teaching at a public, private, or religious school isn’t your only option, though. You can also work with adult patients with mental disabilities, consult with physicians, or even be part of a team that provides home healthcare. Your advanced degree will also qualify you for administrative roles or leadership teaching positions, such as serving as the head teacher of your school’s special education program.

In order to be accepted to an MS in special education program, you must first complete a related bachelor’s degree program. Many schools also require GRE schools. Your classes will focus on topics ranging from inclusion to behavior modification, and most MS students are required to complete either a thesis paper or project before graduating. Specific requirements depend on the school you attend.

Online MS in Special Education / Teaching Degrees

Top Master of Special Education Degrees

Special education is teaching that caters to the individual differences of students with special needs, including autism, communication difficulties, developmental disorders, learning difficulties, emotional disorders, and physical disabilities. Teachers of special education programs are usually required to have a master's degree in teaching, general education, or special education. The following schools each offer online degrees in these subjects.

Liberty University
MA: Teaching Special Edu w/Lic.
Liberty University – At Liberty University's Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education program (M.Ed. also available), teachers are prepared to pass the following endorsements: Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education. The Advanced Master of Education degree likewise prepares graduates for a license in and Administration/Supervision, School Counseling, and Program Specialization.
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Concordia University
MEd: Special Education
Concordia University – The M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Special Education will hone necessary instructional skills needed for teaching in a special education classroom. Enrollees will learn to evaluate student learning progress, modify instructional plans accordingly and implement a curriculum special needs students.
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