Top 6 iPhone Apps for Teachers

Published by admin on Fri Jan 15, 2010

iPhone apps for teachers abound. Not that there is any real chance of schools and colleges distributing iPhones to faculty to facilitate teaching. Ease of use and web accessibility make iPhones great tools for educators – whether they are science teachers, MBA professors, librarians, or physical training instructors.

Here is a list of six iPhone apps for teachers that they can use to ease their workload and stay on top of teaching assignments.

1. Toodledo – An application that serves as a to-do list manager and organizer. The application can be synchronized with the company website so that any changes made on the phone reflect on your page on the site and vice versa. Collaboration tools let you manage team tasks efficiently. A permission system gives you the power to set read, write, and edit rights on your tasks. You can prioritize tasks and organize them in folders so that they are easier to track.

2. TED – A wonderful free application for teachers that follow Technology, Education and Design – a non-profit that has been doing yeoman service in enlightening the world on a wide range of subjects. You can follow the latest videos and audio documentaries, talks, and conferences that are held by some of the world’s leading thinkers. The application provides excellent audio and sound quality and enough food for thought for teachers to learn fresh ideas. You can search for videos, share them, and bookmark them.

3. Graphing Calculator – A graphing calculator for iPhone is a cool educational app for both teachers and students wishing to draw graphs and visually examine your equations. The application lets you see multiple graph displays in both portrait and landscape views, zoom in and out, and punch in equations using a customized keyboard. You can use the application to find out log, log10, In, exp, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, degrees to radians, radians to degrees, absolute value and square root. You can even take a screenshot and email the graph to yourself for future reference.

4. Classics – A reading application focused on bringing all-time literary classics to the iPhone. A cool application that literature teachers can use to refer to the giants from Daniel Defoe and Mark Twain. The pages carry beautiful period illustrations and custom covers designed specially for the application. Navigation is made easy via a table of contents button. The application has auto bookmarking so that you can pick up from where you leave off. A progress display on the top bar lets you know how far you have reached. The ebook reader promises an ever-increasing database of public-domain reading gems.

5. Wikipanion – A must-have in my opinion for all, teacher or student. A great application linking to Wikipedia and to all the stupendous external links the site offers as reference. As a reference source, Wikipedia is hard to beat. The pages can be panned and zoomed. The application very thoughtfully provides a list of Wikipedia entries related to your search term. There is an autosuggest feature as well to facilitate typing. You can access Wiktionary via the app and also email pages for later reference.

6. WordPress for iPhone – Perhaps the most widely used application for mobile blogging – this one has gained wide acceptance by all. It benefits teachers in several ways. You can send out periodic updates to students via the blog, post assignments to be done, suggest reading material…basically stay connected to your blog audience while on the move. When a conference call using an application such as ifbyphone is not possible, you can reach out to a mass audience via the blog.

The popularity of iPhone apps can be gauged form the fact that even NASA has its own iPhone application; this list of applications for educationists is meant to inform and whet your appetite to discover more such useful applications.

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