Top 25 Facebook Apps for Educators

Published by admin on Mon Nov 22, 2010

It seems like social media is everywhere these days. Chances are that your students are involved with social media, and that they use applications like Facebook regularly. But social media does not have to be about messing around. You can actually use Facebook to help your students, and to interact with them. It is possible to incorporate Facebook applications into your lesson plans, and use it to interact with students.

Social media has become so prevalent that it is vital that you understand how to use it effectively when working with students. Teachers should know that Facebook is one of the best ways to interact. When used correctly, Facebook can be a great help. Here are 25 Facebook applications that can help educators — and their students — in the classroom:

Teaching and Sharing with Students

These are great apps that can help you teach more effectively, as well as share information with students.

  1. SlideShare: This Facebook app is all about presentations. You can put together class presentations and share with students. A great way to make sure class materials are available and accessible.
  2. Webinaria: This is a screencast recorder that can help you record videos. You can record your presentations, and make them available for later use. A great tool for those who want to record their lectures.
  3. Mathematical Formulas: This is a great way to help you share math with students. You can distribute different formulas and solutions, and help students with proofs.
  4. JSTOR Search on Facebook: If you are looking for a great way to find research articles and help students learn about finding important information, this a great application.
  5. Flashcards: You can create study tools and helpful hints for your students with the help of this Facebook app.
  6. Quizlet: If you want to be able to create flashcards for your students, as well as find helpful resources for test questions, this is a great resource.
  7. Koofers: You can share tests, quizzes and study guides with students, and you can also use this application to get a breakdown of class stats. Keep up with your students — and get information about how they rate your class — with help from this app.
  8. Arithmetic Challenge: This can be a fun way to get students in your class learning and sharing math. You can issue challenges to students, and have them challenge each other. A great way to share learning.
  9. Math Games: A fun way to get your students involved in math, and math quizzes.
  10. weRead: Encourage book discussions with your students. You can use this application to get students interested in reading — and to help them find what you are reading in class.
  11. NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day: This is an awesome application that can be used for you to show students different images of Earth. A number of ways to incorporate this cool app into your lesson plan.
  12. Get Homework Help: Your students can find help, and you can help tutor them, in different subjects. A great way to access different resources. It can even help you get ideas for your next lesson.
  13. WorldCat: This is a network of libraries and content services from around the world. You can find information at different libraries, and you can easily share knowledge with your students. A great tool.
  14. CourseFeed: Share assignments with your class, and you can also arrange study groups, and send out announcements related to your class.
  15. Class Notes: You can scan notes and share them with students. A great way to share exam reviews and lecture notes with those in your class.
  16. Quiz Planet: Create your own quizzes so that you can test students’ knowledge. An awesome resource that can help you create learning tools for your students.


Get more organized as an educator. You can use Facebook to help you coordinate your activities — and even to help you better coordinate class activities and assignments with students.

  1. Calendar: You can organize your day, and you can post helpful organizational notes and information for your students. A powerful organizational tool.
  2. My HomeworkNOW and School Alerts: Stay connected to your students, and organized. A great way for you to coordinate with parents as well. Keeps everyone in the loop.
  3. To Do List: A great app that can help you stay more organized. You can use this for assignments, or to help students stay on task at school. A helpful way to see what you have left to do, and to prioritize.
  4. My Documents: Keep things organized in terms of documents and sharing. You can create an easy way for students to turn in assignments, and you can share what you need — and stay on top of everything.
  5. Study Groups: Organize your students into study groups. This is a great way for them to coordinate efforts, as well as share notes and files. You can also use it to direct your students and to collaborate with other teachers.
  6. Notely: If you are looking to organize your schedule, this a great Facebook application. Comes with a calendar and to do list, as well as a planner. A great way for you to organize class lessons and assignments, and help your students keep up with what is happening.
  7. fdCal: This is another calendar Facebook app that can help you keep up with what is happening. This app interfaces with iCal and Microsoft Outlook, as well as other programs, so that you can get information about your schedule. Helpful way to stay organized, and for your students to keep up with the class schedule.
  8. Smart Links: If you are looking to organize your applications and contacts, this is a great help. You can create a folder for your class, including students and their parents. You can also organize administration contacts and notes. A great way to keep things compartmentalized.
  9. SmartMessage Center: Communicate more effectively with students, parents and other teachers and administration. A great way to help you stay organized and keep in touch with students. Make sure they all get the information they need for your class.

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