50 Special Ed Teachers and Experts Worth Following on Twitter

Published by Jennifer on Sun Aug 29, 2010

If you are involved in special education and you enjoy incorporating social networking tools, then this list of 50 special ed teachers and experts on Twitter may be worth your while. We sorted the list into teachers, advocates and groups and tools, all geared toward education, support and special needs kids. The lists are in no particular order, but each Twitterer has from over 100 to over thousands of followers.

Special EducationSpecial Ed Teachers

  1. @barefootglenda Glenda is a wife, mom and special education teacher.
  2. @dancallahan Dan is a special education teacher, and also is a tech specialist.
  3. @spedteacher Deven believes that “if you expect simple answers to complicated questions, you’re in the wrong place…”
  4. @bosoxfan9819 Jeffrey is a 6th-grade teacher who is certified in special education and who also is into instructional technology and classroom management.
  5. @tgrant14 Todd is a special education teacher and coach who is fond of Web 2.0 for the classroom.
  6. @tperran Tom is an educator for students with special needs in Virginia.
  7. @UltimateTeacher Joseph is an elementary teacher, special education teacher, part-time “ultimate Frisbee player, husband father and “crazy teacher.”
  8. @don_iain Iain is a teacher at a special school, a sports fan and a movie geek.
  9. @lfeld52 Lori is a special education teacher who has a “MacBook stuck to her side like Velcro.”
  10. @teromako Tero is a special education teacher with an MA in education. He works with children in the autistic spectrum disorders.
  11. @Shaza33 Sharynis a special education and technology teacher with a master’s degree in curriculum. She teaches in Hong Kong.
  12. @Includekidswdis Amanda is a special education teacher, an author of children’s books and a university lecturer on including children with disabilities in regular school and pre-school settings.
  13. @kimsten Kim is a special education teacher in Canada who works with gifted learners.
  14. @paperwerksart Kim is a mixed-media and collage artist who teaches students with severe disabilities.
  15. @KarenJan As an assistive and educational technology consultant, Karen’s passion is to remove the obstacles to learning for all students.
  16. @BMurray13 Barbara is a special education teacher who uses technology as much as possible in the process.
  17. @AutismTips Andrea is a certified special education teacher who shares her secrets for thriving with autism.
  18. @autismece Shanelle is a pre-school teacher in Canada who loves to help and work with autistic children.
  19. @puzzlingalong This Twitterer is a BCBA-behavior analyst, consultant, parent trainer and teacher specializing in autism/ABA.
  20. @akbusybee Andrea teaches children with autism, and is married to classically trained executive Chef William.

AspergerAdvocates and Groups

  1. @Apraxia_KIDS This is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit for children with apraxia of speech and their families. Dedicated to up-to-date, reliable information for parents & professionals.
  2. @ChildPsych Dr. Laura Kauffman is a licensed child psychologist with expertise in parenting and educational issues for kids and teens.
  3. @LaGloria Gloria is a special education advocate and community organizer in Miami who has previous experience with the ACLU.
  4. @CoachForADHD Laura coaches students, adults and families with attention challenges like ADHD and ADD to cope with everyday living, overcome challenges, learn to focus & accomplish more.
  5. @disability Rudy has cerebral palsy and helps others cope effectively with disabilities, health problems and life difficulties through a blog and a social network.
  6. @GaryBrannigan Gary is a clinical and school psychologist who specializes in parenting issues and learning, reading and other disabilities.
  7. @KidSpecialNeed Hank works with parents in special education advocacy.
  8. @butwait Shelley is a “K12 eduhacker” who helps others to find their “learning tribe.”
  9. @mamatude Terri is the About.com guide to Parenting Special Needs and author of 50 Ways to Support Your Child’s Special Education.
  10. @brightmindLABS Fraser is interested in fusing gaming principles with CBT to get results for kids with Asperger’s Syndromeand high-functioning autism.
  11. @BonnieTerry_btl Bonnie is a dyslexia LD Specialist who can identify your child’s learning problems and help improve reading, writing, math skills with specially designed books and games for dyslexia.
  12. @cvspecialneeds CV Special Needs is a community of people, parents, educators, advocates and others connected to special needs in California’s Central Valley.
  13. @TheCoffeeKlatch A cup of coffee with parents of special needs children with expert guests on Blog Talk Radio and on Tweetchat. M-T-T 9am est W-9pm est.
  14. @ChildrensLink Lorna offers resources and support links to parents and families who have children or young adults with special needs.
  15. @ScottBaio This actor and his wife have a special foundation for special needs children and to raise awareness to expanded newborn screening.
  16. @SpecialNeeds7 As parents of a Special Needs Child this couple understands the daily challenges. They have a large following and support group with Special Needs Bridge.
  17. @operationSAFE Helping children after trauma through art, story, games, play, song, dance, film, love, hope and through people who care.


  1. @AutismClassroom Autism Classroom offers free teaching materials, free training and information to parents and educators about autism.
  2. @Bookshare This company makes the world of print available to disabled people.
  3. @ChildFindMich ChildFindMich a part of IDEA and the MI Dept of ED, to locate Michigan children and youth who may be eligible for early intervention/special education services.
  4. @DavidRose_CAST David Rose is the founder and CEO of CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology), a company that provides opportunities for all students, especially those with disabilities.
  5. @disabledworld Disability news, community, videos and article submissions welcome. Disability and Health RSS feeds for website content.
  6. @disabilityscoop The premier source for developmental disability news.
  7. @KidsLoseRights This organization helps special needs kids maintain their rights.
  8. @PCIEducation PCI Education creates and provides breakthrough materials to educators and their students with special learning needs.
  9. @rethinkautism Rethink Autism seeks to ensure that every child on the autism spectrum has access to effective and affordable ABA-based treatment.
  10. @SpecialEdLawCA Special Education Law Firm serving California, with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  11. @SpeclNeedsAtSea A one-stop source for scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, mobility aides, oxygen & other equipment for travelers with disabilities.
  12. @specialquest States and local communities, including Early Head Start and Head Start programs and their community partners, collaborate to provide high-quality, inclusive services for young children with disabilities and their families.
  13. @TSLEvents Exhibitions for education professionals in the early years, primary, secondary and special needs sectors.

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