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MEd in Special Education (With IR and Cert)

MEd in special education programs help current teachers learn more about the special education field. If you choose a program with institutional recommendation (IR)/certification, you’ll have an easier road to becoming a special education teacher.

An MEd in special education degree program is perfect for those who want to practice in this field, rather than do research. Public schools require teachers to be certified in most locations, and in many states, private and religious schools strongly prefer certified teachers, even if the laws in that state don’t require it. Programs that prepare you for certification ensure that you receive the required number of hours both in the classroom and as a student teacher.

After completing an MEd in special education program that includes IR/certification, you’ll be prepared to work as a special education teacher. While many master’s degree programs do not ask you to specify, you typically have three main educational choices – early childhood, elementary, or secondary. Most teachers stick to the level they were teaching prior to earning their MEd in this field, whether they were teaching special education students or not. You can expect to earn about $10,000 per year more with your MEd in special education when compared to your salary as a typical teacher with a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, having your master’s degree qualifies you for administrative or leadership positions, giving you the opportunity to earn even more in this field.

Before you enter an MEd program, you must first have a bachelor’s degree in a related field and, at most colleges, a valid teaching certificate (though it does not have to be in special education). Your MEd program will include both classroom work, with courses such as developmental/education psychology, curriculum development, and behavior modification, and student teaching, where you’ll get hands-on experience with students. Most MEd programs also require you to complete a thesis project as the capstone to your education.

Online MEd in Special Education Degrees

Top Master of Special Education Degrees

Special education is teaching that caters to the individual differences of students with special needs, including autism, communication difficulties, developmental disorders, learning difficulties, emotional disorders, and physical disabilities. Teachers of special education programs are usually required to have a master's degree in teaching, general education, or special education. The following schools each offer online degrees in these subjects.

Walden University
MS: Special Ed (K-12 Non-Lic.)
Walden University – The Walden University Master of Science in Special Education (K-12) degree program infuses the latest in neuroscience, assessment, and intervention training to offer a students a unique learning environment. Graduates are able to successfully touch the lives of young people throughout the field of special education. Related degrees offered online by Walden include the MA in special education for behavioral disorders, MA in special education for learning disabilities, and PhD in special education.
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Liberty University
MA: Teaching Special Edu w/Lic.
MEd: Special Edu w/Lic.
Liberty University – At Liberty University's Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education program (M.Ed. also available), teachers are prepared to pass the following endorsements: Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education. The Advanced Master of Education degree likewise prepares graduates for a license in and Administration/Supervision, School Counseling, and Program Specialization.
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Grand Canyon University
MEd: Special Edu (With Cert)
MEd: Special Edu (No Cert)
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Grand Canyon University – The MED in Special Education (with certification or without certification) from Grand Canyon University provides current teachers advanced training in teaching students with special needs. The curriculum is designed around the idea that students with disabilities deserve the same opportunities in education as traditional students. GCU also offers an MED in Special Education for those who are already certified to teach special ed.
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Concordia University
MEd: Special Education
Concordia University – The M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Special Education will hone necessary instructional skills needed for teaching in a special education classroom. Enrollees will learn to evaluate student learning progress, modify instructional plans accordingly and implement a curriculum special needs students.
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